Support for people in Afghanistan and their families

My office has been speaking to residents concerned about family members who are stuck in Afghanistan. In each case we have immediately contacted the Foreign Office and the Home Office, to ensure that the information we have been given has been provided to the teams that are working to evacuate British Citizens and refugees.

Please be assured that my office are in regular contact with the Foreign Office regarding cases and as soon as we receive any updates or information we will contact you straight away.

I would ask that you please keep my office updated with any developments regarding the case that you have raised with me. However, as I’m sure you can appreciate, I am receiving an extremely high number of phone calls at present. Therefore, I am asking you to only contact my office by email – the inbox is monitored throughout the week and my team will call you if an urgent conversation is required.

  • As well as raising individual cases, I have written to the Foreign Secretary to urgently call for more clarity to be provided on the support and information available to people in Afghanistan who wish to leave and their families. I will continue to press for this to be provided as soon as possible. I have also called for the Government to extend the ARAP scheme to all those who supported UK activities in Afghanistan, whether they worked directly for the UK Government or for partner organisations and contractors. Finally, I have called on the Government to provide support to refugees arriving in this country from Afghanistan.

As this is a fast evolving situation, we are closely monitoring the UK Government’s strategy for helping Afghan Nationals to evacuate and seek refuge in a safe country.

So far we have the following information:

Updated Friday 03 September 

Please find below the latest information I have sent to constituents with family members still stranded in Afghanistan:

I want to pass on the latest guidance I have for those who are stranded in Afghanistan and those who have already fled the country.  Some of this may not be new to you, but please read this  carefully to ensure you have all the information that is currently available.

The UK evacuation operation from Afghanistan has now ended.  Anyone attempting to leave Afghanistan should carefully consider the risks of travelling, as the Foreign Office is not currently providing advice on the safety of leaving the country by any route.

Those looking for support from the UK can register their families’ details in the following ways.

British Nationals:

Afghan Nationals who have worked for the UK (ARAP scheme):

Other Afghan Nationals:

The UNHCR has provided some advice on their website for those who remain in Afghanistan and need humanitarian support. They have also provided links to evacuation and relocation programmes that have been announced by different countries. You can find this information at:

UNHCR operates a Protection helpline for people in Afghanistan, which can be contacted at:

  • Phone: 0790691746 and 0704996168 (available on all working days)
  • Email:

For those who have managed to leave Afghanistan, information on the support available in the country they have reached can be found at:


If you have a case you wish for me to raise, and you are not already in contact with my office, please email me at with the following information.

The Home Office and the Foreign Office are asking for the following information about those trying to travel to the UK from Afghanistan – please do give me as much of this information as you can for each of your family members:

  • Full name
  • Date of Birth
  • Nationality
  • Passport / travel document number
  • Location in Afghanistan
  • Any information on why your family are at risk from the Taliban
  • Contact details

And, if your family have already applied to travel to the UK:

  • Home Office reference number
  • Do they have a visa application pending (if so, please provide the reference)