Press Release- 13 August 2020

Sarah Owen MP congratulates students on A-levels, and responds to reports of downgrading results

“Results day is always an anxious day for those receiving their results and for their families. I wholeheartedly congratulate all those who got the results they wanted, but I am deeply disappointed to have read reports of countless students having their results downgraded. In many cases – including one Luton student I heard of who was expecting an A* but received a C – the downgrades have been severe and meant that university and college offers have been refused.”

“The government has had months to plan for this. I hoped that the Government would have learned from what happened last week in Scotland. That is sadly not the case. This is grossly unfair and will hit working class students the hardest. The Education Secretary should rectify this chaos immediately.”

“I will 100% back any student and parent who wants to challenge their results. I think the future of young people in Luton is too important for the government to point the figure of blame at bureaucrats and algorithms, but then start ducking for cover. Please contact my office by email (, with all relevant information including home address, predicted grades, school details, exam boards and any university offers. While we can’t offer an instant fix, my team will try our best to help.”

“Too many students in Luton will feel like their future has slipped away today. I’m on the side of students in Luton who had worked hard and been excited for the next chapter of their lives, and I’ll be working with other Labour MPs to pressure the government to urgently fix this for them.”