Press Release – 16 March 2020

Statement from Luton North MP Sarah Owen on the news that operations at Vauxhall in Luton will be suspended until March 27th

“Vauxhall has a proud 115 year history in Luton and I welcome any move that its management is taking in the interest of protecting their staff and wider public health during this ongoing coronavirus pandemic.”

“It is reassuring that reports indicate that workers will continue to be paid during this period and I shall be calling on Vauxhall’s management to do everything in its power to work with trade unions and workers to ensure that no member of staff is out of pocket or put into hardship for simply doing the right thing in the interest of public health. I’ll do all I can to support workers in Luton and beyond on this.”

“I know that people are worried about what the next few weeks and months might bring for families and loved ones. The government needs to start taking the public’s anxiety seriously. I’m deeply concerned about the lack of reassuring and consistent guidance and public health advice from the government for businesses, workers and the wider public. The government needs to take action and provide the resources that are required to protect people’s rights at work and health as this pandemic continues.”

“Please contact if you are a worker at Vauxhall and have any concerns about this announcement.”