Press Release – 17 August 2020

Sarah Owen MP comments on the government’s announcement that A-level teacher estimated grades will be honoured

“I know it’s often difficult for politicians to do so, but I’m glad that the government have been able to admit that they were wrong to downgrade thousands of A-level students in Luton and across the country.”

“This has been an anxious couple of days for students and their families in Luton, and I think the government needs to offer a full apology for the stress caused. After days of stress in the clearing system, or having accepted insurance or alternative offers, we also urgently need further clarity of whether original offers from universities and further education institutions still stand.”

“I’ll always be on the side of kids in Luton who want to seize any of the opportunities in front of them because ultimately, the mistakes we’ve seen over the last few days have put on full display just how much Labour values differ from Conservative values. No Labour Education Minister would have signed off on a system that downgraded the exam results of kids in state schools in towns like Luton, locking them out of the university or further education course they wanted to go to.”

“I said last week that I would back any student 100% who needed my help after being downgraded and I have had dozens of worried, upset young people contact me. Even after this u-turn, that offer remains open if Tory bureaucracy still leaves anybody’s place at university or in further education in doubt through no fault of your own. I’m with you.”