Press Release – 22 September 2020

Sarah Owen MP raises with Boris Johnson cases of Luton nursery children and staff self-isolating

Sarah Owen MP today raised directly with the Prime Minister Boris Johnson the case of some children and teachers at Gill Blowers Nursey in Luton who have been unable to access coronavirus tests and are having to self-isolate as a result, contrasting with reports that the Prime Minister’s alma matar Eton have been able to buy tests for their pupils. Despite reports of massive problems in accessing covid-19 tests in Luton and across the country, the Prime Ministers says that every child with symptoms should get a test.

The Prime Minister was also unable to tell people how many school children and staff are currently self isolating due to coronavirus.

This came as the Prime Minister announced an expansion of the so-called Rule of 6, and a 10pm curfew for pubs.

In the House of Commons, the Luton North MP put the question to Prime Minister Boris Johnson:

“How does the Prime Minister justify recent reports that every child at Eton gets a test while currently, 10% of staff and children at Gill Blowers Nursery in Luton are having to stay at home and isolate while they wait for a test which shows no sign of coming? Can he tell us how many school children are currently self isolating because they cannot afford to buy their own tests and if there’s so much spare capacity, why is it that not all children can get a test when they need it?”

In response, the Prime Minister said:

“Every child with symptoms should automatically get a test. Everyone with symptoms should get a test. We are massive expanding testing and I repeat the points I made earlier on. It’s one of the few things that we can be grateful for with this epidemic that it does affect children and young people much less than older people and there is much less evidence that they pass it on in the same way others do.”

To view the exchange on Parliament TV: